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                                        Don't Touch Anything! 
                                      A Sailor Moon TG By JanusDaGuardian
                                     Chapter 1: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall... 
      *Disclaimer: I don't own the Sailor Moon franchise. Sailor Moon is owned Toei Animation and Naoko Takeuchi. Please support the official release.* 
       As peaceful and ordinary as the outside of the small suburban house in a reasonably-quiet neighborhood might seem, on the inside were a pair of lively teenagers, sitting on a cushy tan couch as the surround-sound system before them blasted the raging war they controlled with their busy fingers. The pair consisted of a somewhat handsome and athletic-looking 17 year-old with messy brown hair, who wore a red and black numbered shirt, a pair of worn tan khakis, and a large grin. Beside him was a leaner boy of sixteen summers with somewhat-wavy blond hair, who wore a pair of white cargo shorts, a plain, baggy blue t-shirt, and a frustrated look almost polar of his elder friend. 
       "Hell yeah! Head-shot!" The brown-haired teen shouted. 
       "Not like it matters," The blond-haired teen next to him said. "It's freaking hardcore mode, Kyle! You can shoot people in the foot and they'll still die!" 
       "If that's the case, why do you still have two kills, J. You've been aiming at people's feet and hands all game long and yet you have the worst kill-to-death ratio on your team."
       "The sensitivity is too high! I was lucky to even get two!"    
       "I told you Modern Warfare 2 was different from Halo 3, J... Last kill!"
       "Oh, you freaking screen-watcher!" 
       Kyle laughed. "Hey, you're the one who switched teams in the lobby." 
       "I was trying to change my weapon-set, Kyle."
       "I guess it didn't help you much; You're team still lost." 
       "Only because you kept screen-watching me." 
       "Please, you were doing the same thing. I just shot you first... every single time." 
       Jason sighed and set his black and gray controller on the coffee table in front of him. "I'm done. You wanna drink?" 
       "Water or soda?" 
       "That game really sucks, Kyle. Do you know they've already came out with Call of Duty Black Ops?" 
       "That one's made by Treyarch, not InfinityWard, so I'm not buying it." 
       "Why not? It's still Call of Duty..."  
       "I've played World at War, and I didn't like their setup. It was too stiff. Also, Nazi Zombies? They should have saved their money and made the main game better."
       "I've heard that a lot of people like Nazi Zombies. In fact, I'm guessing that's where most of your competition is going when they play online." 
       "I still like Modern Warfare better. Besides, it might help InfinityWard's case if a lot of people want a sequel." 
      While Kyle backed both he and his out of the famous first-person-shooter lobby, Jason returned with a can of Sierra Mist and dropped it next to Kyle.   
       "So, where's your sister, J? She working?" 
       "Nah... Ally went to the Anime Exbo out in the city, one of those big conventions that only happen for a few days every year. Why?"

“Well, I just think she really brightens the place up, you know...?” 

Jason shook his head. “No, not really... Do you like her?”

Kyle snorted. “Of course I like her. She's a woman. A very cute one at that.”

“Well, if you're that interested in her, by all means, ask her out, but I have a feeling two-and-a-half-year's difference in age might put you at a bit of a disadvantage...” 

Kyle waved his right hand. “I've dated someone who was nearly four years older than me. Age isn't so much of a problem when you have the right moves... Anyway, why'd she leave you here to watch her cartoon stuff? Is she the paranoid-type, or does this actually make sense to you?"

"It's a pretty extensive Anime and Manga collection," Jason commented. "And with the way the neighborhood's been getting more and more questionable by the day, it would make sense to have someone here."
       “Still.” Kyle snickered. "Not sure why she'd pick you to watch the place. You're not exactly Chuck Norris, buddy." 
       Jason snorted. "Doesn't how big I am. Burglars tend to avoid pillaging a house when someone's home. Just having someone moving around inside would deter most of them, probably because they don't want to be ID-ed.” 

       "Well, if I were a thief, I wouldn't want to be thrown into the big pen for stealing a bunch of collectors items. That'd spell prison rape right there..." Kyle chugged the rest of the soda down. Then, with a content sigh, he slammed the can onto the coffee table like a shot glass at a bar, causing Jason to wince as his brown-haired friend rose to his feet and headed walked into the hallway. "I gotta take a piss." 
       Jason scoffed. "What? Already?” 

      “Yeah, man. Stuff goes right through me.” 

      “Jeeze, you got a weak bladder..." 
       "It's nice to know that the systems are still working, you know?" 
       Jason shrugged. "Yeah, I guess so..." 
       A sinister grin appeared on the brown-haired boy's face as he slipped into the Ford's bathroom.
       A few moments later, Kyle reemerged, glancing left and right to see if his friend was within sight. What he had in mind to do next was something he didn't want Jason to know about or else he or his sister might throw a huge fit. When he realized that the coast was clear, he slipped out and crept down the hall until he came to Ally's room and went inside. 

Dozens and dozens off items ranging from Anime DVD cases, to comic books, to collectables from various Japanese shows and Manga series, past and present, surrounded the interior of the otherwise geeky, feminine, and remarkably untidy room. Watching his feet, Kyle crept a little closer to the bed. At the foot of it was a bookshelf, which he decided to look through first. 

He was looking for an item that was common amongst the more-reserved female population. A diary, which would hopefully contain even more about his friend's sister other than her obvious anime/manga addiction. To make the right move would require no less than a good grasp of her character because Jason was right. Two-and-a-half years was a huge disadvantage, made worse depending on Ally's openness to meeting new people. Of all the things Jason's gorgeous sister could be, she had to be an Anime and Manga geek. Sure, she played video games on occasion, but when she wasn't working, she was wasting time on things he could care less about. 

The book shelf was mostly full of manga books and anime DVD cases. None of the exceptions appeared to be what he wanted.  

Kyle lumbered closer to one of the large glass cases on the far wall, looking about the room as if trying to contemplate where a girl like Ally would hide her diary, granted Ally was anything like the majority of the girls he'd dated, who needed a private way to relieve themselves of the secrets and emotions of everyday life. It was then that he felt something move within his subconsciousness, a force that drew his attention towards a nearby case, where an assortment of small, golden star rods of varying colors, ranging from blue to red, were laid-out in a very organized manner. Seeing these items brought about a strange curiosity that made him investigate further. He noticed that each of the wands' stars was emblazoned with their own, unique symbol. Now that he was looking closer, he couldn't help but feel a sense familiarity that he couldn't put a finger on until he glanced toward the case next to it, which contained a small, black box that possessed a picture of a red heat-shaped broach. On the box, it said, "Sailor Moon Cosplay Broach" and "Made with real twenty-four carrot gold!". Also, on the box, were the characters from the Sailor Moon show holding their transformation items, including Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus, and Sailor Moon herself.

Sailor Moon. That's why they seemed familiar. Though many more Japanese cartoons had been licensed in America since Kyle and his little sister Kari last watched the show, Sailor Moon was probably the only Japanese cartoon he remembered actually enjoying, mostly to his excitable younger sister, and the racy outfits wore by the “Solders of Love and Justice”, who fought countless battles against the numerous monsters, both random and astounding, who threatened some equally random anime citizen(s) of Tokyo, Japan nearly every episode. Kyle snorted in amusement as the memory of a much younger Kari, trying to mimic the transformations and attacks of the beautiful Sailor Warriors, slipping and falling in her socks onto the wooden floor time and time again. 

Kyle thought to pass on, returning to his search for man's greatest “How to date” ever created by woman, but, instead, something prompted him to open the glass casing and pulled the cardboard box holding the broach out. He then turned it upside-down to read the silly sales pitch on the back of the box.

       "Hello, boys and girls! Sailor Moon here! Inside this box is my transformation broach from Season 3 of the Sailor Moon Anime! With it, you too can fight for love and justice just like me and the other Sailor Senshi! When the broach is in hand, press the small button on the side, wave your hand across the heart-shaped gem inside and say the following words: 'Moon Cosmic Power! Make-up!' Have fun! And don't forget your friends! Collect them all!"
       Kyle snorted in amusement. "Sounds like the sales pitch you'd find on the back of a Power Rangers action figure box..." 
       Kyle opened the box, revealing a white, plastic tray. He pulled that out, revealing the colorful broach the box vaguely advertised. Though he initially thought the broach would be just a simple cosplay prop made out of cheap plastic or wood, the broach he saw looked quite authentic.

       The broach was well crafted. So beautifully made that it couldn't have been a half-assed cosplay prop. Its brackets were made of solid twenty-four carrot gold just like the box said. Kyle's fingers found the button on the side and the broach's lid popped open. Inside was a small, heart-shaped gem that shimmered pink as the white California sun came through Ally's windows and caressed the child-like trinket in the seventeen-year-old's hand. 
       For a full three minutes Kyle simply marveled at the patterns surrounding the broach and the gem it enclosed. In a stupor that came on quicker than the most concentrated drug designed, a series of familiar words slid from the confines of his sub-conscious mind, seeping into his mouth as a strange, mental prompting moved his fingers to stroke the smooth surface of the heart-shaped gem.

He would regret these actions soon after...
          "Moon cosmic power! Make-up!"
          The jewel reacted, glowing brightly as dozens of pink hearts danced from the broach and into Kyle's wide eyes. Blinded by the pink hearts, Kyle yelped in surprise and dropped the broach to save his eyes from the girly heart barrage. 
          The next thing he felt was a light tug on his red t-shirt as clasped the mid-chest part of it. The blinding, girly light faded, giving Kyle the chance to open his eyes and see what had just grabbed hold of his shirt only to discover that it was the heart-shaped broach. 
          "How did..."
          While Kyle was distracted by the heart shaped lights, the broach had somehow got off the floor and stuck itself to Kyle. Before he could contemplate any farther, the broach flashed again, blinding Kyle once again. With his eyes closed to protect his baby-browns, he couldn't see the streams of scarlet-red ribbons as they materialized in mid-air and wrapped themselves over his entire body. 
          Suddenly terrified beyond belief, Kyle began to struggle as the ribbons that encircled him seized his entire body so tightly they started to cut-off the blood flow to his limbs. In fact, he could hardly feel his limbs at all. He also couldn't breathe, which gave him an even greater reason to struggle. Whatever was causing this either wanted Kyle to suffocate, or it was trying to do something far worse, and Kyle wanted neither option. 
       Something in the ribbons pulsed from the fabric and onto Kyle's clothes, causing them to suddenly disappear, leaving him naked underneath its strangling folds as the broach came to a rest in the middle of his now bare chest. What happened next was impossible, according to the laws of science...
       A wave of energy leaped from the ribbons and onto Kyle's skin, causing his body to involuntarily raise his arms into the air as his legs forced him into a swift spinning motion on his pointed toes like a ballerina. Next, Kyle felt something light and tight cover his body from his neck down to his pelvis. It was too tight to be his shirt and boxers because, whatever it was, it pressed his chest and abs so far towards his spine that he felt like his heart and stomach were gonna burst. His, "Little man", as he called it, wasn't fairing well either. The next thing Kyle's brain registered was the feeling of silky gloves that went to his elbows, so tightly they threatened to rupture the veins in his muscle-bound forearms.
       Kyle let out a muffled yelp as his body suddenly bent backward at the waist and raised his right leg towards the ceiling into a split-leg handstand, which happened to be far beyond his normal flexibility, sending even more pain into his already straining pelvis. That's when he felt a pair of small knee boots magically appear on his semi-muscular legs, causing them to instantly fall asleep due to the pressure of wearing boots that were many sizes too small for him. His body straightened up once more and leaped gallantly forward as something small and frilly appeared on his hips. Then, with a small spin and a bow, something pinched his ears, causing him to flinch as something cold appeared over his forehead and something tight appeared around his neck over his Adam's apple. Finally, his body did one last spin that ended with him twisting his torso left while resting one hand on his hip, a pose which, if he could have seen it, would've looked as familiar as the outfit he now wore underneath the pulsing-ribbons' folds.
       Oh... please be over... 
       It wasn't over... 
       The tight clothing and red ribbons covering Kyle sent out another pulse of energy, this one so powerful it rocked his entire body from flesh to bone. Had the ribbons not kept Kyle suspended, he probably would've fallen straight to the floor.
       Kyle's chest and stomach were the first to react as his bone density suddenly decreased and his back painfully snapped into an arch. The chest muscles he'd worked so hard to get shriveled away and his stomach compressed-- slimming into a small, taught waist. The pulse traveled to his arms, causing his shoulders to collapse as his arm muscles from the shoulder to the wrist slimmed to the point where his arms became slender, the bones and flesh shrinking whilst doing so. 
       Kyle's strong hands, which threatened to tear through the silk gloves, slowly shrank-- becoming petite girl hands. Next came his semi-muscular legs, which shrank, making Kyle lose several more inches of his once masculine frame as his legs slimmed to the point where his calves fit snugly into the restricting boots. His feet followed-suit, causing them to shrink into two cute girl-sized feet. 
       The pulse traveled back up Kyle's legs and into his pelvis causing a large buildup of energy between his hips. With a gasp, his hips exploded out to the sides and filled with a small layer of fat--giving him a set of nice round hips. At the same time, his butt pushed out slightly and received a layer of fat as well. The energy then raced to his chest as something inside of him forced his nipples slightly outwards, then began filling-up with fat, creating a pair of modest, B-cup breasts. 
       The energy danced up to his head, causing the bones in Kyle's face to reconstruct themselves as he let out a muffled cry as a harsh tug on his scalp announced the rapid growth of hair. Though he couldn't see it,  his now-long brown locks changed in color and texture to golden blond, which grew till they touched his feet, then tied part of itself into two small buns. Next, his throat became sore as the energy took away his Adam's apple, suppressing the choking caused by whatever appeared on his neck.  
       Finally Kyle felt the energy surge into groin. With a painful moan, Kyle felt his, "Little man" disappeared into his body and felt it be replaced by something else... 
       At last, the ribbons disappeared, causing Kyle tumble to the floor exhausted. Several long moments passed and Kyle's eyes slowly fluttered open. His vision was bleary now, but it was slowly returning, like what happens when you stare at something really close to your face then try to spot something in the distance. A sharp pain inside his head announced the presence of the worst headache he'd ever felt in his life. His arms felt terribly sore, and his legs were cement. 
       With a slight struggle, Kyle pushed himself up, but due to whatever had just transpired, he could only rise to his knees. 
       With a groan, Kyle placed his right hand up to his head in a vain attempt to quell the splitting headache. Upon feeling the uncommon sensation of silk pressing against his forehead, he held both of his arms out to discover he was wearing a pair of long white gloves, which now covered his smooth, slender arms. 
       "What am I wearing?" Stunned and dazed as he was, he didn't notice the feminine voice that escaped his soft, pink lips. 
       Looking over his body, Kyle realized he was wearing a skin-tight leotard with a blue miniskirt, both possessing a large red bow, and a pair of red heeled boots. Upon glancing down at the bow on his chest, he noticed the presence of two small mounds underneath the bow and white, skin-tight material and gave them a light squeeze. They were real. 
       Trembling, Kyle's hands floated down towards his groin and underneath the short blue skirt to discovered that his "Little man" was gone, replaced by a small crevice that gave of a powerful, foreign sensation upon touching it.
       This is a dream... really f###ed-up dream, I'll admit that, but...  
       Kyle turned his head and was shocked to see a girl kneeling next to him. Her long, silky, blond pigtails curled lifelessly next to her small, cute frame, her lovely baby-blue eyes seamlessly distracting him as they blinked every few seconds. Kyle recognized her, and her red, white, and blue Sailor Fuku outfit, instantly.  
       "You..." he said pointing. "You're Sailor Moon, aren't you?" 
       When Kyle saw Sailor Moon copying his movements like a mime, he also realized that she was breathing at the same rate he was. Her eyes shifted the same way, and her mouth moved as he spoke, too. That's when he noticed the mirror's frame and realized that it was his own reflection that he was ogling... or, to be more precise, her own reflection... Finally taking note of this, Kyle took in a long, deep breath and...
It's not so much a version 2 as it is a more thorough edit of the already edited version, done with the help of :iconuncle-ben:. I'm truly grateful that he takes the time look over my work and provide great critiques.

Next Chapter: [link]
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AshTgFEM Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Is this a comparison of the two? Also, I'm not sure if I commented on this originally but your TG sequence here is one of the more detailed ones that I've read, both in the original and in the rewrite, it's hard to find ones that get on that level.
JanusDaDefender Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
It's called v2 since I edited and revised even more than the more recent upload, which was only a day old. Otherwise, it's nothing too special.

And, yeah, I'm still pretty proud of that tg sequence, even though it's older and will probably never get drawn.
AshTgFEM Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Well, if it's any consolence, if I had any kind of drawing talent, I would draw it for you. Unfortunately, I draw about as well as a 3 year old.
MKalut Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
I really enjoyed the changes that you made to the chapter. Can't wait to see how the next chapters turn out.
JanusDaDefender Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks. I hope they turn out to be better than the originals.
TheEverything Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012
Nice! I can't wait for the next chapter! Maybe Jason should get a little taste too...
If he does, I really hope he ends up as Jupiter. Again, great work!!
JanusDaDefender Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Wow. Thanks a lot!
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