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 A Dark Stalkers Halloween TG/TF Story
   by Gremlin01 and JanusDaGuardian
   (Based on the TG comic 'Kitty Cosplay' by Kyo-D.F.)

Mecca was on her way back home from college. It was a cool day outside, the leaves changing color and/or falling off the trees, signifying the presence of the fall season and the fast approach of winter.

That night was Halloween, and although she often didn't give it a second glance, she'd just received a new roommate that semester; a cute roommate, whom she sorta liked, as he did her. This small attraction was probably what drew her to the little Halloween shop, which she strangely didn't recall being there yesterday...

Due to her not being a huge fan of the yearly festivities, on the account of the noise and the cost of goods past “egg-er” and “T.P.-er” protection candy, Mecca didn't have a costume, and, due to their near-equally-busy college/work schedules, John didn't have one either. This year, with the incentive of the rather-tantalizing Halloween goods and costume shop, Mecca took it upon herself to seek out something for her and her roommate, especially since they'd made prior arrangements to get the time off.
When Mecca entered, she was greeted with the usual “Boo”s and screams of the motion activated spook and trick-or-treat bowl toys, a HUMONGOUS section full of costumes that contained even more than the classic Halloween witch and ghost costumes, and a nice-looking young lady, who wore a rather-impressive black sorceress gown.  

"Hi! How can I help you today?"

"Oh, I'm just looking..." Mecca said rather-shyly.

The young lady smile. “You look like you're out to get some costumes for you and someone special, am I right?”

Mecca paused, unsure of what to say for a few moments before deciding to break the silence with a half-friendly laugh and, of course, the truth.

“Yeah, my roommate and I don't have any costumes to use. It's not like we're planning on going anywhere in particular, but... I thought it might actually be fun to get into the spirit of the spirit of the season for a change, and maybe surprise him as well.”

The young lady raised a ginger finger with a just-as-ginger smile. “I think I have just the thing for the both of you...”

The young lady led Mecca down one of the aisles, passing some of the most impressive full-fledged costumes she'd ever seen in her life. In fact, some of them came with full-face masks that, though made of some kind of rubber-ish bleed of materials, were so well made that she wondered if anyone would call “fake” when someone donned them.    

In short order, the two arrived at a selection of cosplay “hairbands”, the kind that possessed things like animal ears or demon horns at the top. The two she grabbed for Mecca possessed, first, white cat ears, and, second, what appeared to be a miniature set of vampire/bat wings. Who would wear costume with “bat-wings” for ears was beyond her, but these were what the store clerk offered her.

“These should be just what you need.”

Mecca took the items rather-slowly, running her next words in her head before she spoke them. “Um... not to cause problems, but don't you have 'full' costumes that I should buy with these?”

“Those items are amongst are cheapest in our inventory. In fact, they're on sale for this day only... Besides, you and your boyfriend are a little tight on fiancees due to your education and living priorities, correct...?”

Once again, the clerk was right on the money, evidenced by the barely-visible blush that appeared on Mecca's dark countenance. “He-He's not my boyfriend... but we are a little pressed for money...”

The clerk's smile widened even more. In fact, she was practically beaming with joy. “Then those will be a perfect match. Trust me. You two will be quite satisfied with this purchase...”

Mecca arrived at their shared dorm-room in due time, “costumes” in hand, book bag over her shoulder. Relieving herself of the latter first, which was full of college coursework and graded assignments, Mecca waltzed into the main living area, where she quickly spotted her blond-haired roommate taking a quiet, after-class nap on the couch.

She'd once made a remark about just how softly and soundly he'd sleep that, had he ever fallen asleep on her lap, he might have start to purr like a cat. It seemed almost fitting for her to have gotten a set of cat ears from the shop. With this thought in mind, Mecca approached the rear of the couch and, with careful tenderness, placed the “car-eared” hairband atop her roommate's head.

About ten seconds later, John began to stir, yawning softly as his eyes fluttered open and spied the smiling brown eyes and face overhead.

“Aw...~ How cute...”

John flashed her a soft smile. “What is?”

Mecca giggled. “You... Those white kitty ears actually look pretty good on you, and with you just waking up from a nap...?” she sighed. “Makes me wish I owned a cam--”


John's eyes snapped open, fully-awake and in obvious pain as he snapped upright and his arms clenched his chest and stomach.

“W-what's wrong, John?”

John didn't couldn't really answer as his body started into spasms, the likes of which Mecca had never seen performed by him.

“John, you don't have any medical issues do—Eh!?”

It happened pretty quickly, but she definitely saw it; Johnathon lost several inches of his usual, above-average height, along with his masculine facial features as his body lost significant mass. Meanwhile, some of the bodily edges visible beneath his jeans and his three-buttoned dress skirt/jacket gained sudden, feminine curves. The most noticeable curves were probably the two large mounds of flesh that quickly grew underneath his white T-shirt and widened the gap in the upper button placket of his dress shirt, followed by the small expansion at his hips and rear as his jeans slipped down his now-much-smaller legs. At the same time, his blond hair had turned a brilliant cerulean blue and was growing at an alarming rate.  

“John, what's happening to you?!”

These changes were followed with an almost...“werewolf”-style tearing of his clothes as what looked to be small patches of white fur appeared over some of the naughtier parts of his changing form, thicker coats of white fur covering his arms from the biceps down to his hands whilst his legs became coated from the middle of his thighs to the tips of his feet. This was followed by the rather-scary growth of cat-like claws on his hands as his feet changed into large, paw-ish equivalents. An extra tear in the back announced the growth of a long, white-furred tail, which swished and twitched according to the sensations that were undoubtedly still active in his body. Once the clothes had completely disappeared, leaving John technically nude, with the exception of the skin-tight fur, Mecca saw that her roommate was, in fact, no longer male...    

Amongst the last changes to occur, which essentially proved the involvement of some mysterious, powerful force, occurred to the Wolf-coin necklace around the girl's neck, which both dissolved and wove itself into white “neck-hood” of sorts on her head, which opened in the back in just the right way to account for the now-larger, very-lifelike cat ears that rested atop of her head and the expansive blue mane that had grown to just past her new, feminine rear.

John, if she was even 'John' anymore, mumbled as if in an incredible daze, which made sense considering all that had just transpired with his body.

Mecca, stunned by the spectacle she'd just witnessed, simply stood there for several long moments without a single word able to escape her lips. Her next reaction almost betrayed that as her gaze scanned up and down at what had become of her former roommate. A small blush unlike the one displayed on the“bakeneko” girl's exhausted face appeared on her own face as her hands clapped together in response to a feeling of almost-overwhelming delight that washed over her mind.

“My~ You look so cute and sexy now...”

The neko girl suddenly turned. The blush was still displayed on her face, but her eyes were devoid of the weariness that was present before. Instead, she looked she was about to...


The “glomp attack” came so fast and so joyfully that Mecca didn't even have a chance to blink before her head and face became cradled between the surprisingly-gentle clawed hand-paws of the blue-maned Neko girl and her soft bosom.

“Thank you for the cat ears, nya! We're gonna have lots of fun tonight, indeedy, nya!” The Neko girl said in a cute, high-pitched voice.              
Mecca was so distracted by the unorthodox hug that she didn't notice the bat-winged hairband getting placed on her head until long after she began to feel her own powerful, magical transformation across her body.

First, Mecca's black hair changed into a sea-green as it practically burst out of the medium-length braids she had tied in the back as it all grew down to the small of her back. The magic-induced expansions made to her already decent, womanly curves became even more apparent as her short, yellow dress rose with her “sized-up” bustline, revealing the expansions in her rear and hips, as well as the smooth addition to her thighs.

Mecca noticed a sudden shift in elevation, but most of it was due to the black, high-heeled boots that were being crafted from her fall-season sneakers. At the same time, her yellow dress turned black and took on a texture resembling that of a sleek leotard before stretching down to her crotch, becoming an actual, full black leotard as the sleeves and high-neckline of the former dress receded downwards until it was nothing but a skin-tight, frilly, barely-supportive bustier with an outrageously-deep center that all but completely-showcased  the large, feminine appendages attached to her chest and her sculpted stomach. Meanwhile, her black leggings turned a pink magenta with bat-shaped patterns running along her sinful legs.

Finalizing her change, Mecca's naturally-dark skin-tone brightened into a white alabaster as her already cute face chiseled into that belonging to an angular, seductive beauty, complete with plump, pink lips that practically begged to be kissed as her brown eyes grew longer eyelashes and changed to a emerald green. The so-called “bat-wings” on the hairband had become not only large but permanent residents of that area, which were made a match for the new lady “succubus” as another, larger set of wings sprang out of her exposed, slender back, as if they were there the whole time.

“You are right about one thing, my cute little pet...” came the first, seductively-toned sentence Mecca's new voice produced as she just as seductively pushed the human-formed feline onto the couch before slowly following her onto it with a most alluring expression on her face. “We're going to have lots of fun tonight. The first of our festivities shall be unveiled here, but soon the campus party—no, the campus in its entirety with be the place the two of us shall rule until long-after the sun has risen the following morning...”

“Nya... Felicia likes the sound of that...” the neko girl purred.

“Then come to me, my dear servant,” Morrigan said, positioning her face directly over the curvacious feline's,  “and please your beautiful mistress...”
This story is :icongremlin01:'s part of an Art-Trade between him and I. I asked for him to write a TG/TF story based off the 'Kitty Cosplay' TG/TF comic that I commissioned from :iconkyo-domesticfucker:, which I then edited and decided to submit.

I made several changes to the original request/script, including what was going to be another bodysuit transformation for something that was truer to the comic the story was based on, and the ending, which I won't go into details about, only that I felt it necessary to refrain from using the character known as “Mecca” in any way that may be deemed utterly disrespectful. That said, I made it my goal to revamp it into a fun TG/TF story that I and the owner of the character I'm borrow would be both proud of and delighted to read, just as my TG readers would be delighted to read my first Dark Stalkers/Halloween-themed TG/TF story. Enjoy.

Written by :icongremlin01:
Co-written/edited by me.

Link to the comic-…

The preview image this time is brought to you by :iconpunxsie: (Who finally got back to me...) 
Link to the original image:

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Somewhat. The reason for the speed though mostly had to do with the fact I had two days off in a row and both stories had a rough base to start from.
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